All romance options - Starfield

Every character you can romance in Starfield, including how to meet them.


Your journey through the stars can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. In Starfield, there are several companions that you can romance and have a relationship with. In this guide, I'll show you who those characters are, how romance works, and even how to get married in Starfield.

All romance options

An image showing Sarah Morgan and Same Coe in Starfield

Currently there are four characters that you can romance in Starfield, with those being Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Andreja, and Barrett. Each of these are introduced to the player during the main story, meaning it’s not possible to miss one of them.

Sarah Morgan

An image showing Sarah Morgan in Starfield
Sarah Morgan is a companion the player can romance in Starfield.

Sarah Morgan is recruited as a companion in the main story mission The Old Neighborhood. From that point on, she can accompany you both on main quests and as you explore. Sarah does not tolerate crime, be it theft or murder.

Sam Coe

An image showing Sam Coe in Starfield
Sam Coe is a companion the player can romance in Starfield.

Sam Coe is recruited during the main story mission The Empty Nest. This will take you to Akila City in the Cheyenne system, where you can also get the Despondent Assassin legendary rifle.


An image showing Andreja from Starfield
Andreja is a companion the player can romance in Starfield.

Andreja is recruited during the main story mission Into the Unknown, where you come across her killing NPCs in a cave. She is slightly less bothered by small acts of crime but will not tolerate murder.


An image showing Barrett in Starfield
Barrett is a companion the player can romance in Starfield.

Barrett is recruited during the main story mission Back to Vectera, where you can also get Heller’s Cutter, a unique weapon. He is the final character that you will recruit who you can have a romantic relationship with in Starfield.

How romance works in Starfield

An image showing the player in a conversation with Sarah Morgan in Starfield
Once you reach certain relationship milestones with companions, romance options begin to unfold.

In Starfield, romance with one of the four eligible characters occurs when their affinity towards you reaches a certain point, which is a value that’s hidden from the player. Each time you hit an affinity milestone, you’ll either get a new conversation with that character to mark the shift in your relationship, or a conversation and a companion quest. Each of the four companions have a quest.

The affinity values are as follows:

  • Neutral: 0.00
  • Friendship: 1.00
  • Affection: 2.00
  • Commitment: 3.00

Once you reach the affection level of affinity, you can flirt with your companion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll receive your advances well. At the commitment milestone of a companion’s affinity, you’ll have the option to get married. If you sleep while they are following you, you’ll get an XP boost for a set amount of time. However, Starfield does not have actual sex in it. The romance is verbal, and the clothes stay on.

If a companion becomes angry with you and decides to stop following you, you’ll need to wait a few days before you they will speak to you and follow you again. This hostility from them is temporary, though, and you can salvage the relationship by doing things that they approve of. Through my testing, it seemed that every statement or action that my companions liked gave me 25 points towards their affinity. Assuming you don’t do anything that your companion doesn’t like, it would take four favorable actions or comments to complete an affinity level.

There are ways to see a companion’s affinity towards you and even adjust it. For this, I’ll direct you to Objective_Tailor607 on reddit. Their work provided the basis for this guide, and you can find the console commands to see and adjust affinity in their post.

Now that you know how romance works and which companions you can marry, be sure to check out our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help as you journey through the stars.

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