Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution - Starfield

If you're stuck on the floor puzzle inside the Lair of the Mantis, we'll give you two solutions to help you overcome it.


During the Mantis mission in Starfield players will come across a puzzle that can be quite tricky. The floor puzzle has two solutions to bypass it, and I’m going to explain both.

Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution

An image showing the floor puzzle in the Lair of the Mantis location in Starfield
The Mantis quest in Starfield is easily one of the game's best.

The solution to the Lair of the Mantis puzzle is TYRANNIS, which can be found by listening to an audio log found on a dead Spacer called Leon Voclain - Sic Semper Tyrannis. To solve the floor puzzle, simply walk on the letters to spell Tyrannis and you’re all set. If you’re at all curious, Sic Semper Tyrannis translates to “Thus always to tyrants.”

The other way to solve the Mantis puzzle is by using a Digipick to hack a Master computer to the right of the door that takes you into the puzzle room. This will require the Security Rank 3 perk to overcome, but why waste the Digipick when you already have the answer? Either way, if you do want to try this alternate method, our lockpicking guide will help you get through.

An image showing the Secret Outpost note in Starfield
It's easy to overlook the Secret Outpost note, but you really shouldn't.

If for some reason you’ve heard about this puzzle or the sweet gear from the Lair of the Mantis in Starfield but have yet to find it, you can get access to the Mantis mission by looting dead Spacers. Look for a note called Secret Outpost! Once you pick up the note, it will go to your Miscellaneous tab in your inventory. Read the note and you’ll have the mission to travel to Denebola I-B

There’s still more to do after you solve the Mantis puzzle in Starfield, but when you’re done you should have the following gear:

  • Assisted Carry Mantis Pack
  • Headhunter’s Mantis Space Helmet
  • Mechanized Mantis Spacesuit
  • Razorleaf Ship

The gear you’ll get from the Lair of the Mantis is great and took me through my entire playthrough. Furthermore, the Razorleaf has a Shielded Cargo Hold, meaning you can smuggle Contraband through the systems.

For more help with your journey, be sure to visit our Starfield Strategy Guide. We’ve got guides for everything you could ask for.

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