Where to find Dysprosium - Starfield

Here's a great location to set up an outpost to mine Dysprosium (Dy) for all your building and crafting needs in Starfield.


Dysprosium is an exotic inorganic resource in Starfield, which means it’s normally difficult to come by in large quantities. Thankfully, we have a great location where players can mine it with an extractor. Let’s get right to it.

Dysprosium location

An image showing where you can get Dysprosium in Starfield
Dysprosium is an Exotic resource in Starfield that can be used in crafting.

You can find Dysprosium (Dy) in the Vega system on the Vega II-B moon, which orbits the Vega II planet. To pinpoint its location, the Scanning Rank 3 skill from the Science tree is ideal, but not necessary. This skill will allow you to find exotic inorganic resources when scanning a planet or moon from its orbit, and that’s precisely what Dysprosium is. If you can’t access this perk or simply don’t want to burn the skill points, simply land on the planet, pull out your scanner, and look along the ground for a Dysprosium deposit. Once you find it, build an outpost, and place an Extractor on top of the deposit. Ensure the Extractor has power and is working, then you’re set. Head back out on your journey and return in a couple of hours to pick up your truck load of Dysprosium.

The beautiful thing about Vega II-B is that, even though it’s cold, it’s not considered a moon with extreme temperatures. You can build an outpost here even without the Planetary Habitation skill from the Science tree. It’s also a great location to mine Titanium, a rare inorganic resource that you’ll also need lots of.

Now that you’re swimming in pools of Dysprosium, don’t forget to drop by our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help with every jump you make through the stars.

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