Where to find Titanium - Starfield

Titanium is a resource that is used extensively in crafting and building in Starfield.


Crafting in Starfield requires lots of resources and components, and one of the big ones you seemingly never have enough of is Titanium. While you can find it in containers and buy it from vendors, the best way to get Titanium is to find a constant and renewable source. In this guide, we’ll give you the means to fill your pockets with all the Titanium you can hope for.

Titanium location

A location where Titanium can be found and mined in Starfield

Titanium (Ti) can be found in the Vega system on Vega II-B, a moon of the Vega II planet. To locate Titanium, utilize Scanning Rank 2 of the Science skill tree. This will allow you to see rare inorganic resources on the surface when you scan a planet from its orbit, and that’s exactly what Titanium is. If that skill is beyond your current reach, no worries; simply land on the planet, pull out your scanner, and wander around until you see a patch of ground that lights up with Titanium deposits. Build a small outpost in that location and build an Extractor on top of that Titanium deposit. You will need to provide the Extractor with power, but that’s simple enough. Don’t worry about whether you can build the outpost; Vega II-B is not considered a location with extreme temperatures, so you won’t need to have the Planetary Habitation perk.

Hang around long enough to see that your Extractor is working. Once you verify that it is, you can head back out and continue your trek through the stars. Return every now and then to pick up your Titanium, but also don’t forget to return to our Starfield Strategy Guide so you can find more locations for resources, and everything else you’ll need on your journey.

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