What's the max level cap in Starfield?

Starfield features a lot of skills with four levels to each, so what's the max level players can reach?


There’s been a lot of discourse around whether Starfield will have a max level cap. Well, since we know the answer, let’s get to it right away.

What’s the max level in Starfield?

An image showing the character screen in Starfield, including the player level
There is no max level in Starfield.

There is no max level in Starfield. Players can level up infinitely if they continue to play the game and earn XP. The major trade off here is that there’s no way to respec your character. If you want to undo one of your earlier decisions, the only way to reset is to start a new game. Otherwise, just pivot and begin investing in the skills you currently want.

Starfield features a skill system that contains 82 skills spread across five trees for a total of 328 possible skill points to spend. This means that you would have to reach level 328 in the game to purchase every available skill and max it out to the highest level. That would take you several hundred hours of gameplay, but you would have an extremely overpowered character with an incredible fleet of ships and network of outposts.

The upside to no max level cap is that you won’t ever run out of skill points to build the character of your dreams. If your priorities are changing, simply pivot where you spend your skill points and start building in a new direction. No problem.

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