How to free look in the ship cockpit - Starfield

If you'd like to turn your head without turning the ship, here's how you can free-look while piloting in Starfield.


It’s a lot of fun to fly around in Starfield and engage in ship combat, piracy, and even help folks out. It’s even more fun when you can turn your head without altering the course of the ship. Here’s how you can free look while piloting your ship in Starfield.

How to free look in your ship

An image showing how to free look in Starfield
You can free look both in your ship and while you're walking around, in both first and third person.

To free look while you are piloting your ship in Starfield, hold the Q key on your keyboard, or press the View button on your Xbox controller. This will allow you to maintain your ship’s current heading while you look around. This came in handy for me during a mission where I needed to use stealth to sneak past some ships. My heading was direct, but I wanted to keep an eye on the ships to my left as I passed by. I was able to do this while using the free look option. When you’re done using free look press the same button to exit the free look mode.

Free look while flying your ship will come in particularly handy when you’re flying in third person, as it will allow you to see in every direction with no trouble at all. This can help you see what’s behind you so you can take evasive maneuvers. It could also help you identify and prioritize other ships that you wish to destroy. It’s a little less handy when you’re flying in first person, but still useful.

Now that you know how to free look while flying your ship, you should be a ship combat menace in no time. For more help on your epic journey, visit our Starfield Strategy Guide.

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