Where to sell a ship - Starfield

If you suddenly find yourself in possession of a ship for totally legitimate reasons, here's how you can sell it in Starfield.


As you make your way through Starfield you’ll often find yourself in possession of a new ship for reasons that are no doubt legitimate. If you’d rather sell it and get some Credits instead of keeping it and using, though, here’s how you can sell a ship in Starfield.

How to sell a ship in Starfield

Showing the option to sell a ship via the Ship Services Technician in Starfield

To sell a ship in Starfield, visit any Ship Services Technician in Starfield, such as the one found in New Atlantis. From there, choose the following options:

  • Let me see what ships you have for sale
  • Click on Sell
  • Select the ship you wish to sell
  • Click Sell a second time
  • Confirm your sale

As you confirm your sale the game will notify you of how many Credits you’ll receive for selling your ship. Once you confirm the sale, your transaction is complete. From there, you can continue to sell more ships, or go back and buy a new one if you’d prefer.

There are benefits and drawbacks to selling ships in Starfield. On one hand, it’s a great way to earn Credits quickly. On the other hand, you can’t build a ship from scratch; you can only modify an existing ship in build mode. So, you must have a ship to modify or build a ship. Keep this in mind when selling ships. It’s wise to keep one extra ship in your fleet in case you decide you want to build a new one.

The other drawback to selling a ship is that some ships will have unique components that are rarely found for sale, such as a Shielded Cargo Hold or a Scan Jammer. Those are some of the components you’ll need if you plan to smuggle Contraband in Starfield, so take a close look at any ship before you agree to part with it for a pocket full of Credits.

Now that you know how to sell a ship you came into possession of through totally legitimate means, feel free to check out our Starfield Strategy Guide. You’ll find dozens of articles that can help you with any part of your journey through the systems.

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