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Here's how you can complete the Distilling Confidence quest in Starfield.


Starfield is full of missions and quests both big and small, but often the size doesn’t dictate how difficult they are. Early in your time in New Atlantis, you may come across a mission called Distilling Confidence. Here’s how you can complete it.

Distilling Confidence walkthrough

Players can pick up the Distilling Confidence miscellaneous mission in New Atlantis. Head to The Viewport, a bar where you can hire crew members for your outposts and ships. Once there, speak with the bartender, Nyssa, and agree to help her with her little problem. Once the mission is activated, make sure to open your mission log and track it so that you can clearly see your objectives.

Access the Secure Storage

An image showing the Access the Secure Storage objective in Distilling Confidence
Passing a persuasion check is one of the ways to access the secure storage.

The storage that you must access is just behind where you park your ship when you fly into New Atlantis. There will be one guard who likes to wander back and forth in front of the door, and another who is stationed at the door. I looked all around the building, including on the roof, for a way in and couldn’t find one other than the front door.

Consider saving your game before you talk to the guard in front of the storage facility. You’re going to attempt to persuade him to open the door, and failing to do so could leave you in a bind. With a save file handy, try to talk your way inside. If you fail, you can reload your save and try again until you succeed.

A second way to get inside would be by using an access card to open the door, at least according to Nyssa. However, I didn’t find an access card on the guard in front of the door when I tried to pick his pocket. If you do, or if you have an access card from elsewhere, that would theoretically be a different way inside that doesn’t require persuasion.

Retrieve Nyssa’s Package

The Retrieve Nyssa's Package objective from Distilling Confidence
In addition to Nyssa's Package, you can find some valuables in this secure storage facility.

Once you’re inside the storage area there are two items of interest: a package with Contraband that you’ll want to grab, and the Package for Nyssa in the large cargo container near the back. Grab both and head back out the way you came in.

Speak to Nyssa Marcano

The Speak to Nyssa Marcano objective in Distilling Confidence
Take Nyssa's Package back to her for a reward and some XP.

Head back to The Viewport and speak with Nyssa. Choose the dialogue option, “I have a present for you.” Once you finish talking to her, the quest will be complete and you’ll be rewarded with 3,300 Credits, and a Supernova drink.

Now that you’ve completed the Distilling Confidence quest, be sure to visit our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help with all your quests and space-exploration needs.

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