How to get arrested in Starfield

Getting arrested isn't all bad, it can lead to some hilarity and even one massive rabbit hole of a quest.


Getting arrested in Starfield might seem like a bad thing, but it does have an upside. In this guide, I’ll explain how you can get arrested and what some of the benefits are.

How to get arrested

An image showing the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield
Getting arrested for the first time will kick off the very cool Burden of Proof quest in Starfield.

The most common way to get arrested in Starfield is to get caught smuggling Contraband into one of the Settled Systems. To do this, put a piece of Contraband into your character’s inventory, hop into your ship, and then jump to a system like Alpha Centauri, Volii, or Cheyenne. You will be caught if your Contraband is in your character’s inventory instead of a Shielded Cargo Hold. You will then get the option to fight the authorities, pay a fine, or just go quietly (this option steals your XP instead of forcing you to pay a fine). Taking the fine or going quietly will see you tossed into jail for seven days, but it will pass in an instant. When the time is up, you can even retrieve your confiscated items from the authorities.

A second way to get arrested in Starfield is to openly steal items in front of NPCs or guards. Security will approach you and offer you the same deal of whether you want to pay a fine or go quietly, and you’ll be sent to jail with your stolen items confiscated. It plays out in a nearly identical manner to being caught smuggling Contraband.

A third way to get arrested would be violence. Get caught murdering someone, or just start a rumble in a public place and lay a beating on someone. Of course, we don’t promote violence in the Settled Systems, so maybe just snatch a Digipick someone left unattended.

The main reason that getting arrested isn’t a bad thing will most likely happen in the early game unless you play by the rules and just never get in trouble. The first time you’re busted you can start the Burden of Proof quest. You’ll be detained on the UC Vigilance and approached by Commander Kibwe Ikande with the assignment of infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. The quest is so cool that it should make you smile the first time you’re busted for smuggling or stealing.

Now that you know how to get arrested, visit our Starfield Strategy Guide. You’ll find lots of useful information for your epic journey through space.

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