How to switch between first and third person - Starfield

You can play Starfield in both first and third person, freely switching between the two.


Starfield is a game where player choice and freedom is always front and center. You’ll choose how you look and what you wear, and Bethesda has made it simple for you to always use your preferred perspective. In this guide, we’ll show you how to swap between the first and third person views on both Xbox and PC.

Switch between first and third person

An image showing 3rd person in Starfield

To switch between the first and third person perspective use the scroll wheel on your mouse if you’re playing on PC and using a mouse and keyboard, or simply hit the View button if you’re using an Xbox controller. The first person view is the default view that you’ll start the game with. This is the view where you can’t see your character. By using the scroll wheel or pressing the View button, you can swap to the third person view, which is the one that allows you to see your character’s full body, including the clothing they have equipped.

The perspective that you choose to use while playing is purely preference and won’t have any impact on gameplay. That is to say that if you hate the first person perspective and want to play Starfield entirely in third person, go for it. Whatever allows you to enjoy the game the most is what you should use.

Now that you can freely swap between first and third person perspectives, be sure to check out our Starfield Strategy Guide. You’ll find all the guides you could ever need to help you on your journey through the stars.

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